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BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. CYLON CENTURION PAGE. There are those who believe - that life here - began out there - far across the universe - with Tribes of humans.

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John Frizzell - Legion - Music Presenting the original motion picture score to the Screen Gems sci-fi/action feature film Legion, starring Paul Bettany, Dennis Quaid and Tyrese Gibson, in theaters.

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Alpha Legion | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia The Alpha Legion is the Chaos Space Marine Traitor Legion about whom the least is known. The Alpha Legion was once the XX Legion of Astartes created during the First.

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Superman (Clark Kent) | DC Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia Superman is the most powerful being on planet Earth, an alien immigrant named Kal-El from the planet Krypton who was raised in Smallville, Kansas, to become an.

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Sanctuary cities, sanctuary, sanctuary city, sanctuary. U.S. Congressman Barletta to introduce bill to address illegal alien sanctuary cities in U.S. Left to right: Former Hazelton, PA Mayor and now Congressman Louis J.

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Legion of the Damned by William C. Dietz - William C. Dietz is the national bestselling author of more than forty novels, some of which have been translated into German, Russian, and Japanese.

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Alien Land Laws and White Supremacy - University of Washington White Supremacy and the Alien Land Laws of Washington State : By Nicole Grant . In 1960 a member of the Washington State Committee for the Repeal of the Alien Land.

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501st Legion | Wookieepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia The 501st Legion, also known as the 501st or 501st Battalion during the Clone Wars and later known as 'Vader's Fist' and the Five Hundred and First, was a.

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Legion (Marvel Comics) - Wikipedia Legion (David Charles Haller) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is the mutant son of Professor Charles Xavier.